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13 July 2019
St Gabriel's, Pimlico
Warwick Square
United Kingdom

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At the door: £14/ 12. In advance (to 10 July 2019): £12/ 10
O beata Trinitas: Renaissance music for Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Renaissance Singers
David Allinson, conductor

A central tenet of Christian belief is that there is one creator, who is simultaneously Father, Son and Holy Ghost — the formulation so familiar from the Creed, and in countless prayers, that it may pass almost without a thought. The mysterious and frequently-misunderstood concept is celebrated on Trinity Sunday, one of the few major feasts in the calendar that celebrates a doctrine rather than an event or individual. In music, the concept became linked with the harmony of the major triad.

Join us for this programme of sublime mass music and motets in honour of the Trinity written during the Renaissance period, by composers from England (Tallis, Sheppard, Byrd), the low countries (Josquin, de Rore), Italy (Palestrina) and Iberia and the New World (Guerrero, Victoria, Lopez Castillas).

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