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24 September 2023
National Sawdust
80 N 6th St, Brooklyn
New York City

Ellen Churui Li
Web site
+1 212 772 1132

Hemsing Associates

Han Chen, piano

Set A: Push and Pull, Excited
Vivian Fung: White on Black
György Ligeti: Étude No. 15 “White on White”
György Ligeti: Étude No. 8 “Fém”
Molly Joyce: Push and Pull
Chiayu Hsu: Intricate rhythm on an Amis song
György Ligeti: Étude No. 1 “Désordre”

Set B: Perpetual Motion, Dazzling
Tom Morrison: no way out but through
György Ligeti: Étude No. 4 “Fanfares”
Shiuan Chang: New Work
Meng Wang: Shadows, trailing…
György Ligeti: Étude No. 10 “Der Zauberlehring”
György Ligeti: Etude No. 17 “À bout de souffle”

Set C: Songs, Passionate
Nick Bentz: Machine #1
David Fulmer: New Work
György Ligeti: Étude No. 12 “Entrelacs”
György Ligeti: Étude No. 5 “Arc-en-ciel”
Gity Razaz: Fragmentation of Memory
György Ligeti: Étude No. 16 “Pour Irina”

Set D: Open Chords, Calm
György Ligeti: Étude No. 18 “Canon”
Jessie Cox: Black Noise Canon
Victoria Cheah: Étude: months
Jihyun Kim: New Work
György Ligeti: Etude No. 11 “En suspens”
György Ligeti: Étude No. 2 “Cordes à vide”

Set E: Vertige, Anxious
Fjóla Evans: Campanology
György Ligeti: Étude No. 9 “Vertige”
Jared Miller: Prelude
György Ligeti: Étude No. 3 “Touches bloquées”
Nina Young: New Work
György Ligeti: Étude No. 6 “Automne à Varsovie”

Set F: Devil, Menacing
Sugar Vendil: pag-aaral: galing na ibon
György Ligeti: Étude No. 7 “Galamb borong”
Tengku Irfan: Columna finita
Xinyang Wang: L’escalier du Parnasse
György Ligeti: Étude No. 13 “L’escalier du diable”
György Ligeti: Étude No. 14 “Columna infinita”

The vibrant pianist Han Chen will be presented by the National Sawdust in a solo piano recital entitled “Infinite Staircase.”

Celebrating the iconic Hungarian-Austrian composer György Ligeti's centenary birthday in 2023, Mr. Chen juxtaposes the composer’s formidable 18 Études with eighteen world premiere solo piano works he commissioned from composers of diverse cultures and backgrounds: Nick Bentz, Shiuan Chang, Victoria Cheah, Jessie Cox, Fjóla Evans, David Fulmer, Vivian Fung, Chiayu Hsu, Tengku Irfan, Molly Joyce, Jihyun Kim, Jared Miller, Tom Morrison, Gity Razaz, Sugar Vendil, Meng Wang, Xinyang Wang, and Nina Young.

Mr. Chen assigned each composer one of the Ligeti Études. Composers could study the Étude, go against the Étude, or sit with the Étude while composing. They had the choice of writing an Étude or something entirely different. Nevertheless, the pairing is both conscious and subconscious, a basis for the composers to give free rein to their imagination. The project is co-commissioned by the Metropolis Ensemble.

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