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Welcome to Cadenza, which provides classical music resources and information for and about contemporary and classical music and musicians. On-line since 1997, we have a growing collection of resources and receive about 13,000 unique internet visitors each month. We're also part of classical music internet history - in the February 2000 issue of Chamber Music America, the "Top 50 Music Websites" feature placed Cadenza at No 1 position. When the same magazine featured top websites again in its 2003 feature, we were still listed.

Since June 1998, our Concerts Guide has been running on an automatic system developed by ourselves, listing concerts in many countries worldwide, and providing special pages for individuals, organisations and areas. Unlike so many other sites listing concerts, concert listings at Cadenza are always up to date. At midnight (Pacific time) or during the morning in Europe, yesterday's concerts vanish! The concerts system is entirely free to use - we've developed it as a service for the worldwide classical music community. We invite you to share in the success of our system by joining us in one or more of the following ways:

  • Send us details of interesting forthcoming concerts of classical music or contemporary classical music anywhere in the world. Details of your own concerts, those of your group, or those taking place in your area, will then be viewed by many of our hundreds of visitors per day, and may also appear on our pages which are hosted by other websites such as in Music & Vision Magazine's concert listings.
  • Host our concert information on your own web site, giving your visitors a new source of content which is up-to-date and varied. We can generate a custom page for you, matching the colours and style of your website. Examples of this in operation can be seen on our Musicians' Directory pages.
  • Ask us to create a page just for your own concerts or for those of your orchestra, group, city, etc.
  • Host our concert addition form on your own website, asking your
    visitors to add to the database, giving everyone in the scheme more
    concerts to list on their pages!

Our Musicians' Directory is designed to put you in touch with other musicians - we currently have sections for composers, conductors, ensembles, instrumental soloists, musicologists, music theorists and scholars, players, singers and teachers. It's free to join - complete the on-line form (which will ask you for an optional biography of up to four paragraphs, plus contact details) and your entry will be on-line immediately in the Latest Entries section. If you fill in our concerts form for two or more of your future concerts, we'll also create a special web page for your concerts and link it to your entry in the Musician's Directory.

If you're planning a concert, the Basil Ramsey programme note library lists thousands of programme notes, CD notes and pre-concert talks. The various contributors invite you to contact them directly about using their material. Reprint fees can be significantly cheaper than commissioning new programme notes, so please bear us in mind when organizing your next concert.

Cadenza's Multi-lingual Classical Music Glossary allows you to translate musical terms from one language to another. We currently support English, French, German and Serbian. Have a look, and tell us what you think. (Please note that we don't translate standard Italian musical terms, because these are internationally known and used.)

We also list musicians' adverts of a general nature - again free - and
useful (for example) if you're buying or selling an instrument, promoting your music publishing business or CD company, looking for or advertising a job, looking for an unusual score or need someone to join an ensemble or perform your new work. You can also use the classical music links page to discover other interesting music-related sites, or to promote your own.

An unusual feature, and great fun, is the Cadenza MIDI Diary where we feature new improvisations and compositions, and where we have many thousands of pieces!

Thanks very much for taking the time to visit us. We're always interested to know what you think of our site and would like to hear from you. As you look around Cadenza, you'll see that we welcome your contributions in any of the areas. is free to access, thanks to the sponsorship of Orion Computer Consultants Ltd., specialists in designing web sites for classical musicians.

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Many thanks for the outstanding service you provide! I am so pleased to be able to be part of it.

Terry Winter Owens (composer and pianist)

I've had a chance to check out your site. Simply fantastic!

Gordon Rumson (pianist)

Thank you for your imaginative site.

David Pennant (composer)