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25 September 2018
Kosciuszko Foundation
15 East 65th Street
New York
NY 10065

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Words and Music

Sarah Wolfson, soprano
Mischa Bouvier, baritone
Yoonah Kim, clarinet
David Shifrin, clarinet
Renate Rohlfing, piano

Paul Moravec: Three Love Songs
Jake Heggie: Ode to Image
Jake Heggie: Would That I Were Edna St. Vincent Millay
Jeremy Gill: Three Songs About Words
Michael Brown: After Three Statues
Richard Wilson: On the Death of Juan Gelman
Richard Wilson: Words and Music: An Argument

CAG Presents series

27 September 2018
509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn
New York

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Interpretations: Miya Masaoka // Christopher Williams and Robin Hayward

Robin Hayward, tuba
Christopher Williams, contrabass
Miya Masaoka

Arcanum 17
Four Moons of Pluto

Reidemeister Move and Miya Masaoka will kick-off the 2018-2019 Thirtieth Anniversary Season of the Interpretations series on Thursday, September 27th at 8pm at Roulette, 509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY. The Interpretations Series is dedicated to nurturing the relationship of composers with the growing community of new music virtuoso performers.

Berlin-based duo Reidemeister Move (Robin Hayward, tuba, and Chrisopher Williams, contrabass) will perform Arcanum 17 (New York Premiere): a 45-minute piece composed by Christopher Williams & Charlie Morrow, with texts from André Breton's book of the same name, set in the 8.1-channel immersive sound environment.

Reidemeister Move is a duo dedicated to exploring and expanding the possibilities of sustained-tone music in just intonation for their instruments. Hayward's self-designed microtonal tuba developed together with the instrument manufacturers B & S, and Williams' previous work with Charles Curtis and LaMonte Young's legendary Theatre of Eternal Music, provide the backbone for a performance practice based on purely tuned intervals, noise, corporeal rhythms, and spatial resonance.

Composer/koto and electronics performer/improviser/performance and installation artist Miya Masaoka's Four Moons of Pluto - a piece which explores deep and relational resonances - will be performed by an all star cohort of 5 contrabass players Robert Black, Shayna Dulberger, Rebekah Griffin-Greene, James Ilgenfritz, and Zach Rowden. Masaoka also presents a new piece for string quartet, with a quartet featuring Stephanie Griffin (viola), Alex Shiozaki (violin), Michael Haas (cello) and violinist TBA.

Miya Masaoka is a composer, sound artist and musician based in New York City. Classically trained, her work operates at the intersection of spatialized sound, frequency and perception, performance, social and historical references. Whether recording inside physical objects or inside a plant or the human body, within architecturally resonant spaces or outdoor resonant canyons, she creates incongruencies that feed the paradox of the contemporary condition.

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