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22 July 2022 until 5 August 2022
Opera Holland Park
Opera Holland Park Theatre, Ilchester Place,
United Kingdom

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Little Women

Charlotte Badham, Jo
Kitty Whately, Meg
Harriet Eyley, Beth
Elizabeth Karani, Amy
Frederick Jones, Laurie
Harry Thatcher, John Brooke
Lucy Schaufer, Cecilia March
Benson Wilson, Friedrich Bhaer
Victoria Simmonds, Alma March
Nicholas Garret, Gideon March
Steffan Lloyd Jones, Mr Dashwood

Mark Adamo: Little Women

The UK premiere of an opera that has become a modern classic in the USA – “some sort of masterpiece” in the words of the New York Times. Composer Mark Adamo has adapted Louisa May Alcott’s evergreen coming-of-age novel, set around the time of the Civil War. Independent and ambitious Jo, her sisters Meg, Beth and Amy, their devoted mother, boy-next-door Laurie and studious Friedrich Bhaer are brought to life in music of open-hearted immediacy.
21 July 2022 until 6 August 2022
Opera Holland Park
Opera Holland Park Theatre, Ilchester Place,
United Kingdom

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Margot La Rouge / Le Villi

Creative team

Francesco Cilluffo, Conductor
Martin Lloyd Evans, Director
takis, Designer
Jake Wiltshire, Lighting Designer
Jami Reid Quarrell, Choreographer
Dominic Ellis-Peckham, Chorus Master

Margot la Rouge Cast

Anne Sophie Duprels, Margot
Samuel Sakker Sergeant Thibault
Paul Carey Jones, LArtiste
Sarah Minns, Lili Beguin
Laura Lolita Peresivana, Nini
Laura Woods, La Patronne
George von Bergen, First Soldier
Jack Holton, La Poigne
Alistair Sutherland, Second Solider
David Woloszko, Totor
Grace Nyandoro, First Woman
Alys Roberts, Second Woman
Chloe Pardoe, Third Woman
Steffan Lloyd Owen, First Drinker
Matthew Duncan, Second Drinker
Peter Lidbetter, Third Drinker/A Man
Richard Moore, Waiter
Dragos Andrei Ionel, Police Inspector

Le Villi Cast
Anne Sophie Duprels, Anna
Peter Auty, Roberto
Stephen Gadd, Guglielmo

Frederick Delius: Margot la Rouge
Giacomo Puccini: Le Villi

This thrilling double bill of Delius and Puccini contrasts two surprise reunions between old flames. One leads to a crime of passion, the other to supernatural revenge. Delius explores a seedy corner of Paris and verismo extremes in Margot la Rouge, while the Gothic romance of Le Villi is given soaring expression by Puccini.
9 August 2022 until 13 August 2022
Opera Holland Park
Opera Holland Park Theatre, Ilchester Place,
United Kingdom

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HMS Pinafore

Creative Team

David Eaton, Conductor
John Savournin, Director
Madeleine Boyd, Designer
Jake Wiltshire, Lighting Designer
David Hulston, Choreographer
Dominic Ellis-Peckham, Chorus Master


Richard Burkhard, Sir Joseph Porter
John Savournin, Captain Corcoran
Peter Kirk, Ralph Rackstraw
Frederick Long, Dick Deadeye
Themba Mvula, Boatswain
Peter Lidbetter, Bob Becket
Llio Evans, Josephine
Sophie Dicks, Hebe
Lucy Schaufer, Mrs Cripps

W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan: HMS Pinafore

Your father is a captain and the Admiral of the Fleet wants to marry you. So how do you tell them that a mere able seaman has captured your heart? A flagship of Gilbert and Sullivan’s fleet of comic operas, HMS Pinafore is a tangled tale of love that cheekily defies the social and naval hierarchy.

It follows in the wake of The Pirates of Penzance, 2021’s rip-roaring collaboration between Charles Court Opera and Opera Holland Park.
17 August 2022 until 21 August 2022

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International choir and orchestra festival in Paris

Paris - city of love, dreams and senses. Nobody can think of Paris without various associations and a multitude of pictures crossing their mind: the river Seine, the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Napoleon, the Arc de Triumphe, the Champs-Elysees. No other city exalts the imagination like this metropolis, which is also particularly popular for its musical events. As of late these also include the Paris Music Festival.
24 August 2022 until 28 August 2022
Czech Republic

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International festival of choirs and orchestras in Prague

Prague - one of Europe's most beautiful metropoles - experience the Golden City on the Vltava with its flair and numerous sights like the famous Prague Castle, Cathedral of St Vitus, Charles Bridge, and the Golden Alley. You have the opportunity to enrich and experience the magical atmosphere with your musical performances during the Praha Music Festival in front of the picturesque backdrop.

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